State-of-the-art technology in the world’s most powerful laptop

New Z170 chipset, new generation of Intel® Core™ i7 7700 desktop processors, even more energy efficient, the new DDR4 ultra-fast memory, the new technology NVMe SSDs…However you look at it, the new Graphite VR is designed to triumph.

Millions of details

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More than high definition
Perfect definition

Infinite colours and depths, extreme contrast, perfect definition.
All this and more can be yours with our high definition, FullHD, IPS panels.
And forget about reflections.


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Don’t even think of blinking!

Get the most graphical power that exists in the laptop world thanks to the Nvidia GTX 1080 . All you need to create and enjoy Virtual Reality content. And now, with G-Sync technology by NVIDIA, images will flow like never before thanks to the Panel - Latest generation graphics card combo.

Winter chill

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Temperatures are no longer an issue

New technologies requires new designs. The new MOUNTAIN GRAPHITE VR cooling system has been redesigned from scratch to create a machine with superior thermal balance.


Enter a new world

Create, recreate, model, display, immerse yourself.
The ultimate portable platform is waiting for you.

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Why choose Mountain

Each Mountain is unique

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Each computer is made one by one and certified by our team of experts

Our equipment is designed to fit your requirements and offer you all sorts of settings so you always have what you need at the best price.

Tested extensively

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24 hours NON STOP for no surprises

We do significant stress test to verify that everything works as it should and the computer gives the maximum expected of him.

Guarantee that your computer is ready to work as soon as you receive.

95% customer satisfaction

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We are national leaders in manufacturing systems of high robustness and performance

Only with our most demanding protocols in design and manufacturing we can satisfy the needs of our customers.


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The awards received and success stories with reputable companies support us

Among other awards we have received the 1st prize of to the best professional team of the year and the 2nd Prize to the desktop of the year.

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At your door with SEUR

The delivery of your new Mountain in the best hands

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100% Secure Shopping

Your purchase is made under SSL encrypted connection

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Specialized in your company

Our professional team is ready to give the best solutions